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I welcome you to take a few moments to read my client's stories of our experiences together over the years to learn how I can make the same difference for you or someone you care about.

John and Debra Greeny

Rob has made our experience in selling our house so comfortable and natural, but more importantly he made it personable. 

The process starts with in person meetings, phone calls and Rob then lays out a plan and it was really incredible how that plan was executed. 

Rob also does not mind getting his hands dirty. He played a major role in the house preparation to sell as well...from planning the work to choosing designer colors, but also physically doing the work. He will do all the work (painting) or work side by side with you. He has great ideas and a great vision and knowledge of what works and how to get the work done.

One thing that struck us was his input as to where do we spend our time and effort in home improvements in order to get the house ready for market...again he was spot on. Once the work was done again he showed great discipline and judgement in how to list the house, when to list the house and what to list it for.

The result? We had 13 offers on our home and it sold for $136,000 over asking price!

Through that entire process of 2 weeks from listing to closing, he was available to take our calls day and night and always communicated with us.

We strongly recommend that you give Rob an opportunity to be involved with selling or the purchasing of your home. He will not just make you feel like a friend, he will be your friend. 

We went through the same process with another agent in the past, let me tell you, there truly is no comparison, Rob does it right.

Dave Clerget & Grace Rhodes

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Rob when he represented us in selling our home of 28 years.  It was our first time selling a home, so we were unsure about the process.  One basic question we had was whether to fix up the house or sell it as is, and if we did decide to fix it up, what should be done.  Two major renovations we had always planned to do--finish the daylight basement and landscape the back yard--never got done.  And there was the normal wear and tear of 28 years of use to consider.
Before Rob was in the picture, we worked briefly with a Redfin agent whose advice was to simply clean up the house--no paint even necessary--and put it on the market.  She believed it would sell as is for $475-500K.  Enter Rob.  After listening to our ideas and looking through the house and yard, he made a list of things that could be done to extract the best price for the house.  He clearly explained his thinking but never pressured us to do any particular thing.  We decided to go with his plan, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.
On the inside of the house, that work included refinishing a tub and showers; installing new toilets, vanities, and mirrors; refinishing the hardwood floors throughout the main floor; and repainting the whole interior.  Rob picked out all colors (trust him) and did the painting.  He is GOOD at it!  Instead of finishing the basement, we simply replaced the old aluminum windows with vinyl windows and painted the cement floor.
On the outside of the house, we touched up the exterior paint, painted the back deck, had new gutters installed, replaced fencing, and had the backyard landscaped, very basic.
Once all the work was done, Rob brought in his professional photographer who took photos for flyers and to post online.  The photos beautifully reflected the best aspects of the house and yard.  We were pleased.  Rob strongly encouraged us to list the house low in order to sell it high, explaining the psychology of this strategy.  Only after several conversations were we convinced that was the way to go, especially after all the work and money we had invested in the project.  We decided to trust Rob's expertise, and it didn't take long to find out he was right.  

We offered the house at $499,950.  On the first Open House day, hoards of people showed up to view our house; the same thing happened the next day, Open House day 2.  With the house on the market only three days, we received 12 offers, beginning at $525K.  A lot of other people probably didn't bother making an offer knowing they would be priced out.  We happily settled for $630,000.
Whether buying or selling a home, you want to work with a realtor who is knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy, a professional who has your best interests in mind.  That describes Rob Holmstrom!  On top of those qualities, Rob is personable, a good communicator, and a pleasure to work with.  He's got excellent painting skills, too!  Rob really has his finger on the pulse of the market, and without his guidance throughout the process of selling our home, we would have most likely left a huge amount of money on the table--at the least, $100,000.

Doug Garman and Family

With the loss of our mother and having to take on the responsibility of selling her house, the list of things we knew we needed to take on seemed overwhelming.
First step was to find a Realtor that we felt comfortable with and we definitely found the best person for the job when we selected Rob Holmstrom!

We needed to do the normal tasks of clearing the house which was a feat in itself – but Rob immediately offered his assistance in anyway he could out of generosity. This commitment gave us the feeling that everything was going to be alright if we could overcome the preparation needed to make the house ready to sell.

Once the house was cleared – the list of items we thought we needed to do seemed daunting – but then again, Rob came in and assisted in deciding on the best items to take on to leverage the market at hand to give us the best opportunity to maximize our sale price within the shortest amount of time.

With our list in hand – our first task was what to do upstairs – we needed to figure out what colors to paint the interior walls, new carpet or not – and what to do about the kitchen flooring, countertops and cabinets! 
The interior walls upstairs, were in need of painting for sure – and Rob offered his painting experience with no expectation of compensation except for the assistance to help sell the house at the best competitive price. He jumped right in and brought color swatches and helped us decide on the color scheme that was best for each area and went out and purchased the supplies for us! 

Then he put on his overalls and went to work in his evening spare time (multiple late nights) – and when we had time we came to do our part to assist – end result a total transformation.

Now for the Kitchen.
We thought – just tear everything out of the kitchen and bring in brand new items – but Rob helped assess the condition of things and enlightened us to the fact that he was more than willing to paint the cabinets to give them the facelift they needed (and they turned out beautiful) and then he went out on his own to get flooring and countertop samples to show us what would work best, and for the best price point! Within a short period – he even found the resources to redo the countertops and flooring! What a savior!

Now onto the basement. He assessed again – and determined new doors and hardware would clean things up – some new carpeting in the bedrooms along with repainting, and some repairs to some of the sheetrock areas in the entryway and back bedroom.

Again – he jumped in and helped paint on his time – and even came back and painted the cement floor one night to give it that brand-new feel and brighten things up in the entryway!

Next we needed to do something about the yard to spruce it up – and Rob offered suggestions and gave some landscape companies he felt could do the best job. A quick transformation in a very short time. Curb appeal was wonderful!
Lastly – we decided to put in new baseboards upstairs – which we installed. Then Rob came in and painted all baseboards and re-caulked where necessary to give things that final touch!

Rob – we are so glad we found you to work with on this very stressful undertaking – but with you on our team we were destined to be successful as you were determined to insure we were happy with the end results of our sale and we were!

Thank You for your professionalism and determination to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Now we have a realtor and friend we can all turn to for our personal needs and those of family and friends.

Mike & Kim Vincent

Rob recently helped us sell our home in Mount Lake Terrace and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

But before I get into the details, a little background is in order.

We first became familiar with Rob when a very good friend of ours recommended him years ago when we were looking for a home somewhere north of Seattle. He saved us untold heartache and headaches by steering us AWAY from our uninformed new home buyers' enthusiasm - and helped us avoid a major mistake. For this we will always be grateful.

We had remained in touch with Rob over the years and had hired him to do a few painting projects for us.

Fast-forward to March 2018.

We were looking to put our house in Mountlake Terrace on the market. We asked Rob, among other agents, to give us their ideas and bids. Rob was quick to respond and made us feel so much at home.

His ideas and timeframe for "The Mount Lake Terrace Project" as he dubbed it, were just what we were looking for. He not only knew the market and buyers' tastes very well but showed us examples of similar very successful "projects" he had completed. He's the "real deal" and we went with him.

Rob did most of the interior and exterior painting and partnered with other professional contractors as well as worked with us to use our own home improvement skills and labor to compliment their work.  Those included things kitchen remodeling, flooring and paint choices as well as marketing strategy.

He kept reminding us that we were preparing our home for someone else's tastes, perhaps not the same as ours. He asked for and got our blessing to do a few things we normally wouldn't have, in a sense taking a "leap of faith" with him. At every step of the process Rob was informative, cooperative, encouraging and very professional.

Boy was he right! 

Not only did we make our timeframe for selling the house, we received multiple offers well over the asking price.

Our "Mountlake Terrace Project" was a resounding success! I would encourage anyone needing a real estate agent to contact Rob and meet with him. He is honest, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, flexible, creative and very effective. He treats you like one of his family.

Rob is a "leap of faith" no longer!

Rob Holmstrom 206-799-2318 or rob@tikirobs.com

Jim "Rock Star" Becker

I met Rob Holmstrom 15 years ago, when he helped me buy my first house. Over the years he stayed in touch with me, not to try to sell me anything, but just to see how I was doing and catch up on what was going on in my life. 

When it came time to sell that house, naturally I turned to Rob. He helped me out of a bad situation, where a developer made a deal with me to buy my old house but then tried to cheat me and finally flaked out on the deal.

 Rob came to the rescue with his team of contractors who fixed things that were broken, put new carpet in the bedrooms, and overhauled my yard. Then Rob painted my entire house himself, choosing colors and an overall design that he knew would bring top dollar.

How many realtors would do that? 

In the end, Rob sold the house for what I thought it was worth. I was able to take the money from the sale of that house and purchase a new house. Rob patiently guided me through every step of that process, and now I am living in a home that is perfect for my retirement. 

As great a realtor as Rob is, he’s an even better human being, one I am proud to call my friend. So, trust Rob with your next house purchase or sale. You won’t regret it.

 Jim and Susie Modica

Rob was beyond great!

He had several ideas to help beautify our home before we listed it. Whether it be landscaping, furniture staging, or painting inside & out, he was helpful in making it happen.

All of the ideas gave us great curb appeal and in the end made us a lot more money.

He was very knowledgeable of the market so he listed our home a bit under market to attract more potential buyers. The strategy worked as we received multiple offers and sold for substantially over asking price!

Rob was always readily available to answer any question we had, the experience we had was the best real estate transaction of our lives.

We are happy we used Rob and will use him again in a heartbeat.

Lane & Sylvia Cummings

 "We first became acquainted with 'Young Rob' many years ago, when he was in his painting phase and helped us update our beloved house on Magnolia. He stole our hearts during that summer project, and we knew that if our treasured family cat could trust him, so could we. Who wouldn't trust someone who would share his turkey sandwich every day with a beat-up old tomcat!  

He had dreams even then, so years later when we learned of his successful transition to real estate, 'Older and Wiser Rob' was the first person we contacted when we realized it was time to downsize and sell the family home.

Because of our inexperience, we allowed Rob to guide us through all stages of selling, from beginning to end.  What impressed us most along the way were his professionalism and honesty. He laid everything on the line, including the pros and cons of setting a realistic sales price, what upgrades to make that he felt were necessary, and how to conduct an open house that would result in a successful sale (including all those   vanilla-scented plug-ins!).  Rob even provided his own reliable contacts to help us prepare the house - a contractor, painter, and landscaping service. 

 This innovative approach was invaluable. During the often emotional process, he was thoughtful and compassionate to all our needs -and confident in the results. We put all our trust in him, and he did not
fail us.  He followed through on all his promises, and never let us down.

The result? An interested party within 24-hours on the market, with a firm offer in 2 days, and closure in four.  Oh, and by the way, at nearly $40,000 over the asking price!  

Thank you, Rob!  You turned a difficult task into a huge success for us and we will never forget the part you played in it.  Keep on dreaming."

Your friends, Lane and Sylvia



The Monica Family

  "The short story is that Rob Holmstrom represented me as my realtor in the sale of my home, and my house was sold in two days, despite the downturn of the market. That is the end result, but the long story is much more interesting, and demonstrates what you can expect of Rob as not only a realtor, but also a human being.We had lived in our family home for twelve years. After my divorce, I fought for three years to try and keep us (my sons and I) in our home. When it was no longer financially possible, I turned to Rob for guidance. Mr. Holmstrom came over to our home, and we talked about the things that needed to be done to make my house show as well as possible. The patches of exterior peeling paint, the bathroom where the remodel was still unfinished, the yard that was jungle-like in spots, and the basement full of twelve years of “stuff” were all discussed, and as a busy single-mom, I was unsure about what I could realistically do about it.

Seeing how overwhelmed I was, Rob took the reins, and handled it all. Before I knew it, Rob had his brother Jon (an experienced painter) scraping the bubbled paint outside, and priming and mudding the walls in the bathroom. He called in a team of men to run truckload after truckload to the dump of all of our discarded items from the basement. All of these people were not only good at what they do, but polite and professional, and seemed to be acutely aware of the tough situation I was in, and made sure I was happy with their work by having great follow-through, and attention to detail. The entire time, Rob would check with me, and make sure everything was going as promised. The week my house was to go on the market, we left for a pre-planned vacation to the Long Beach Peninsula. There were still lingering things that needed to be done, just out of time constraints. Rob told me that his landscaper would take care of the yard. He told me that he would have his housecleaner do a once-over on the house so that everything was tip-top. Having hired people in the past to do numerous things, I found myself disappointed most of the time. Workers wouldn’t show up, they’d say they would do things that never got done, and sometimes, they would seemingly drop off the face of the earth.

With Rob and his team being so service-oriented, and really concerned with the happiness of their customers--and not just the sale--I never had to worry. My house went on the market on a Friday. After spending some serious time at the local fax machine in Ocean Park, WA, and initialing and signing papers back and forth, my home was sold by that Sunday. I came home to an immaculate yard and house, and a SOLD sign in my front yard.

 How did this all happen in that short span of time? I can attribute all of it to Rob’s knowledge of the market, and his complete focus on selling our home. Rob knew that the market had been waning a bit, and certainly wasn’t what it had been six months prior. He suggested that we not shoot for the stars, but strategically price the house on the lower end, knowing that alone could attract more buyers.

Within a day, I had three people in a bidding war, two of which had already conducted a pre-inspection. The eventual buyer of my home waived inspection to be able to stay in the race, and my home sold for $40,000 over the asking price. Rob did a wonderful job of handling these tough negotiations, and making sure that all parties involved were treated with respect. He spent two solid days glued to the phone and fax, and did the seemingly impossible: made it so I could relax a little, and for the first time in months (years!), know that everything was going to be okay.

 Everyone promises results, and gives lip service to the effect that they really care about their clients. Rob walks the talk. Mr. Holmstrom wears his heart on his sleeve, and truly wants his clients to do well, not just on the sale of their home, but in life, in general. He works very hard to remove stress from the process, and reassure his clients that he has our best interests at heart, and handles it all with grace, and the utmost professionalism.  

In Rob, you don’t get a slick salesman, but someone that truly loves what they do, and loves to make his clients’ experiences so quality, that when it is all said and done, he can count them as friends, too.

 My sons and I are thankful for what Rob did for us in one of the most wrenching times of our lives. He was a source of consistent help and support, and we will never forget it."


Ms. Monica


The Brastad Family

"Kathy and I want to express our appreciation and thanks to you for the excellent performance in selling dad's home. We have dealt with many realtors in my working career and have never before experienced this highest degree of expertise, business ethics and confidence when selling a home.

 I also want to express our appreciation to Rob's broker in the excellent review and analysis of offers made on the sale of dad's home. Both Kathy and I were impressed with John L. Scott Management and Rob Holmstrom in the teamwork, ethics and legal requirements of the sale."

Jack Brastad 


Gary Horn (A Real Estate Agent with a Competing Company)

 "I've just closed a transaction in which I was the listing agent and Rob represented the buyer in Snoqualmie Ridge. Here's a brief, but accurate description of my experience over the past two and a half weeks with "Tiki Rob."

Working with Rob has been nothing but a pleasure. Although most agents I've met over the years have been friendly and cordial, Rob was enthusiastic, proactive, considerate, thougtful, and hard-working as well.

To date, Rob has been THE MOST professional and sincere agent that I've ever worked with. He made a seemingly impossible deal become reality for his cient through creative thinking, focused effort and a sensible approach.

From start to finish he was proactive in his communication and increased the quality of our contracts, all while working under a condensed timeframe. Not a simple feat and one that should be acknowledged.

Please realize that this feedback is coming from your "competition", so it is both candid and unsolicited. I have NEVER written a reference letter on beahlf on an agent before, but it's justified in this case.

Rob puts both your office and John L. Scott in a positive light, and makes everyone around him better at what they do. As a broker, I thought you'd like to know."

Sincerely, Gary Horn


  James Carpita

"Rob Holmstrom has been my realtor through the sale of two properties and the purchase of two more. During each of these events he has proven reliable and honest and always kept my best interest in mind. In fact, Rob has become a friend that makes the entire real estate experience fun: from researching and visiting new properties, to taking pictures of our home for sale, Rob's spirit is always a pleasure to be around.

While it might be enough to say Rob is great to work with, the bottom line is always results in a business deal such as selling or buying property. In my experience the business results have always been exactly what we asked for and more!

Better yet, Rob and his two beautiful daughters are now friends, celebrating life events, birthdays and sharing family picnics. Rob's passion for life extends well past just his work, and he is definitely someone I consider a family friend!

There is no one else I would ever turn for my real estate needs."



Amy and Garrett Hawley

"I first met Rob when a co-worker of mine was looking for a home. Rob had been referred by another co-worker, whom had known Rob for a long time, so he came highly recommended. I was instantly impressed with his attention to detail, extreme patience, willingness to go the exra mile and just overall sincere spirit. I immediately decided that my next real estate experience would definitely go through Rob!

Now it was time for me to invest in a new home. I had done some looking on-line for a few weeks and had a good idea of what I could afford. I finally got up the courage to actually pick up the phone and make that call. Rob immediately got back in touch with me and remembered who I was after 2 years.

I told him I really needed someone to look out for me, help me find a good investment and wanted him to be brutally honest. He helped me narrow down my list by providing valuable information through area and market research and set up the rest for us to check out in person the very next day. (Note...it had been only two days since I made my call, and that very next day we went to see several places).

Rob was extremely patient, asked questions, and provided his honest thoughts and opinions based on his observations of what I really liked or wanted in a new home. He really looked each place over to provide important details regarding things I would have never thought to look for.

He asked me in each place, "Amy, how do you feel in here?", and in the last place of the day I was able to say "very comfortbable, at home." I told him I needed to think about it over the weekend. Finally, after no sleep and many calls to Rob all weekend, Monday came and I told him I wanted to go for it!

With Rob's charm and communication skills, and the listing agent's willingness to work with us, we had a Purchase and Sales Agreement mutually signed around within 24 hours and I received my keys just 17 days later!

I know these types of experiences don't happen everytime, I have been through it before myself and with friends and family, but after working with Rob, I believe that experiences can be like this each and every time.

Rob is much more than a great agent, he is a genuine, kind, thoughtful and sincere human being. One of the best I have ever met! I will be referring each and every person I can to work with Rob, as I feel if I don't, they would truly miss out.

I honestly thank you Rob for taking such great care of me and winning over my shy little son, (he thinks you ROCK!). My experience was absolutely perfect and you made it so painless. I really appreciate you!"




Kelli Lahargoue

"As a single woman, 1st time home buyer, I had every reason to be nervous. When I was referred to Rob Holmstrom, I was told 'I know a great real estate agent' and 'he will take care of you'. We'll that was definitely an understatement.

How many times have we heard statements like that only to end up being disappointed? That was not the case with Rob.

Rob went above and beyond my expectations to help me through the home buying process. The entire process of building my new home took several months. Rob was patient throughout the process and was always available for questions (I had plenty!) I had several scheduled meetings and orientations throughout the process and Rob meet all the the deadlines in a timely manner.

I recall one particular event when I got stuck at work and could not make it to the real estate office. Rob came to my place of work so that I could sign the papers prior to the deadline. (And he did it with a  smile on his face!)

Rob is honest, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile for his clients...all with a 'pressure-free' style. He is also quite funny! When working with Rob, you not only get a new home, but you gain a new friendship that lasts long after the final papers are signed. Buying a home is not always easy and there can be bumps along the way, but Rob will walk you through all the steps.

I highly recommend Rob for any of your future real estate needs."



Kiley and Erin Rose

"I think we can all agree that buying or selling a home is a very big deal. It’s so big that we all rely on someone else to take on the burden of trying to explain the 10 million pages of legal mumbo jumbo, just so it makes a little sense. Now you’ve all heard about a guy who knows a guy. Well, my wife and I really lucked out when that “Guy” turned out to be Rob Holmstrom. Rob was referred to us through some close family friends and we are eternally grateful.

Rob was extremely efficient. He worked around our crazy schedules forfeiting his personal family time just so we could all be together to discuss every detail in person. We did very little over the phone or via computer. His personal appearances really made a huge difference in making these decisions much more comfortable for us. We’d now like to apologize to his family for stealing him away so often. Sorry!!

The paperwork that is associated with buying or selling a home is catered to nothing shy of a seasoned attorney. We were so thankful that Rob came to the signing appointments with us so he could walk us through each step.

And the housewarming gifts!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. He might as well make the mortgage payments for us. Thank you Rob!!!

Rob has been our agent through 3 transactions now and I will definitely continue to refer him as 'The Guy'."



Kevin and Courtney Baker

Kevin first started working with Rob when he purchased his first home. He had had such a good experience with his first purchase and had such wonderful things to say about Rob. It was an easy decision on who to go with for the sale of our two condos and the purchase of our first home together.

I would have never guessed that selling 2 condos was going to be such hard work but Rob was with us every step of the way. Not only did he take care of all the hard negotiations, coordinate everything that we needed to take care of but also got both of our condos sold a month and half after we put them on the market and that was at the time the market was slowing!

While prepraring and marketing our condos, he also made time to send us new listings on the market, taking us to showings (sometimes as late as 7 pm) and work with on a "couple" of contingent offers. Once we found our dream home he did not disappoint, he worked us on the negotiations, gave great advice and made sure we closed in 2 weeks so we could move right way.

He also made the time to take us on several walk thru's for our dream home to help us make sure we were making the right decision. Without Rob we would not have had found our dream home and had such a smooth transition from selling to buying.

Thanks Rob!



The Garmire Family

"First and foremost, Rob is a great family friend. But as a Realtor, he is the greatest. He truly works for you. Rob will do what it takes to be sure that you are taken care of. He continuously goes out of his way to be sure that he is giving you the best possible information.

The really nice thing about Rob is that he is very honest and he goes above and beyond. We have changed our needs time and time again, and Rob not only continues to work with us, but he does it with a smile on his face.

This past fall we were delighted to find our dream home in Edmonds. Thanks to Rob's savvy negotiating, we were able to purchase it for $40,000 under list price! This required some delicate dialougue between the two parties, and thanks to Rob's professional and compassionate representation, we were able to reach our goals of moving in to a new home before shool started, before the birth of our 3rd child and most importantly under budget!

We recommend him to everyone we know and he will have us as customers for life.

Just as a funny side note, we love Rob because he is always "done up". Even if he is going to the gym, his hair will be fixed and he always matched from head to toe with his fancy gym clothes. We had to give him a hard time about that."    :)



Jeremy Tangaro

"I did not know Rob a handful of years ago when he first became my Realtor to help me in my search for a condo in Belltown. Both of my parents have been in the real estate industry for over three decades, so it was through a referral program that he became my agent.

In my mind, since I was "assigned" him through this network, I felt he would have little incentive to provide exceptional customer service as he knew I probably wouldn't be changing agents.

In spite of that, the quality of service was just that...Exceptional! He was extremely responsive, yet unobtrusive. He helped me find a condo that I loved and that was right up my alley.

Once the sale was complete, I thought that would be the end of my Tiki Rob's experience. Once again, I was wrong, as I was pleasantly surprised to start receiving newsletters from him, (complete with useful information and pictures of his cute children). I also enjoyed the numerous magnets that ended up on my refrigerator over time...Sonic schedules, Mariner schedules and even Seahawks schedules.

Rob occasionaly would call and e-mail me over the years to stay in touch, and if he was going to be in Belltown he'd call up to treat me to dinner or to meet him for some pool at Belltown Billiards.

That being said, in an results driven industry, I was most satisfied with the quality and level of professionalism Rob provided. After my deal closed, I instantly referred a co-worker of mine to him, who was also looking to buy in Belltown, and even they have now remained friends all these years!


Ironically, my colleague and I decided to sell our condos at about the same time, and Rob was the man we both contacted to be our Realtor again. Despite the daily flyers we both received from other agents in the Belltown area, we both turned to the one guy we knew who could best take care of our needs, Rob.







I would definitely recommend Rob to whoever is looking for a realtor in the greater Seattle area."

Carpe Diem,
Jeremy (a pleased client)



  Howard Hale

Rob is more than just a real estate agent. He will be there to support you through the entire process. He will also be there years after the sale, too!

There are so many questions as a home buyer or seller that Rob is more than willing to help out with. Recently a friend of mine had to sell "For Sale By Owner", and Rob went out of his way to prep him for the process, (even though he wasn't officially working for him or receiving any compensation).

That's the kind of guy he is.

If you want someone that knows the business, will help you every step of the way, and will go above and beyond most real estate agents, Rob is your man!"



Jean and Terrance White

"I'm super happy with Rob's services! Over the years, he helped me land a house in Bellevue, then sold it for me a couple of years later. Then, last fall he found a great condo in Fremont for Terrance and I.

Even in a seller's market, Rob worked hard with lenders, sellers, and everyone in between to ensure I got my dream place. He's extremely dedicated to his work and is always responsive to my calls.

Househunting in his Escalade was fun, too! (Now Terrance wants one).

If you want an agent who will go the extra mile for you, I highly recommend Rob for your real estate needs."



 Mike and Nicole Marinez

 "Thank you, Rob! You patiently waited (for almost a year!) for us to be ready to put our home on the market. You advised us through every aspect of the sale both as a friend and as a professional. We were thrilled with our results.

Because our home sold so quickly, the pressure was on and again your patience showed through as we looked at house after house after house. We never felt like we needed to settle on something we didn’t love, and finally found the ONE.

We are very impressed with your professional knowledge and passion for what you do. We will recommend you highly to everyone we know.

Thanks for making us a part of your Tiki Rob’s family!"



Paul and Terri Simmons








Trust and integrity are two of the key words that best describe our experience with “Tiki” Rob Holmstrom. In the past two years, we have purchased two homes in the Seattle area and sold one of them. Rob has handled all three transactions. That is not unusual, except for the fact that we live in Michigan and bought both homes site unseen. Despite the fact that we live 2,000 miles away, and despite the fact that buying and selling homes require a myriad of detail work, all three transactions went off without a hitch, thanks to Rob.


Rob is trustworthy, warm, competent, detail-oriented, dependable, genuine, honest, kind, thorough, and very knowledgeable. (I know that sounds like a Boy Scout, but it’s all true!! I admit I was skeptical at first. Competence is very important to me and it was hard to believe that a real estate agent would meet my expectations of competence in their work. Rob far exceeded my wildest imaginings.) He’s also fun to work with!

After we purchased the first house long distance, there was no question that we would rely on Rob to sell it for us and find us another. We followed his advice on the sale of our first house in the Seattle area. Due to Rob’s advice and expertise, it sold within three days at more than what we expected. Within weeks Rob had located a new home for us in West Seattle where we want to be when we retire next year.

Rob provided reliable contacts in the Seattle area to assist us in the mortgage and title work. They were as helpful and reliable as Rob promised they would be, and we continued to use their services as we bought and sold real estate.

Near the closing on the first long distance home, I got panicky and called Rob often. I admit that I was worried that he was ‘too slick’ and not looking out for our interests. He was always responsive, compassionate, calm and forthcoming with information. He delivered on every promise and his word was true. Based on that first positive experience, we put our assets in his capable hands when it was time to upgrade.

Rob is a joy to work with. We consider him a friend of the family. I don’t hesitate to give him an unconditional recommendation."



Heidi Sexton

"I utilized Rob for my first-time home buying and two years later, my first-time selling experience. Rob put my nerves and fears at ease with his knowledge of the process, the market, and his overall dedication to me.

There wasn't a question I didn't ask, and a time of day I didn't ask it, and Rob was always there.

Best of all, on top of being the greatest realtor, he is the greatest guy ever...you can't help but have fun during the process!"



The Cleaveland Family

"Recently my husband and I decided to sell one of our properties in the Seattle area. We were nervous and did not have a realtor. Rob came highly recommended to us.

He met with us and discussed our concerns, which meant a lot to us. Rob came up with a plan for selling the house, and it sold within a week, (and far beyond the amount we thought we would get!)

We were so happy and pleased...Rob was fantastic. Later in the summer, we decided to sell our other property and relocate to the east coast. We had many concerns about moving and leaving an empty house unsold.

Rob once again came through for us. He had a plan, (and I think he even came over to cut the grass when we left). What a guy!

Let me also add that before these two experiences, my husband had no use for realtors. To him, they all were like "used car salesmen". I know Rob has changed his perception of the industry, and is much more than a realtor to us, Rob is part of our family.

Many thanks Rob."



Matt Plemmons

"In August of 2005 my company elected to relocate me from Chicago to Seattle. My relocation company told me I would be contacted by agents from three Seattle real estate companies. Rob Holmstrom was the first person to call me...that same day.

After speaking with Rob that first time I knew he meant business. He spoke to me on the level the entire time, asking me pointed questions and listening to my answers.

I've moved around the country a few times over the past several years. One thing I've learned is that a person always has to endure a lifestyle change from one place to the next. I had no idea what to expect from Seattle as I sat in my hot, humid Chicago backyard talking to Rob on the phone. (Though I quickly established some of the things I like the most: Girls, motorcycles, Husky Football, girls, sushi and girls).

Rob carefully dug further into my life to see how and where I would best fit in Seattle. In September, I came up for a week to house hunt and Rob spent everyday with me. His sound advice and knowledge of the Seattle area helped me make difficult decisions much faster and easier.

There are hundreds of prospective Seattle properties to explore on any given week, yet in a short time Rob knew me well enough to boil these properties down to the few that would have the most value for me.

Like Rob, I too live in the world of selling, representing and relationship building. Too often sales professionals get caught up focusing on the quickest way to convert a customer's need into cash. However, last September I got the sincere feeling that Rob's driving thought was 'how can I get Matt from nervous and unsure, to confident and overjoyed in the time frame he has to work with?'

Rob's motto is Trust, Integrity, Karma and Innovation. There are plenty of adjectives, nouns, and adverbs that describe Rob Holmstrom. The most important word for me is Reliability. Rob is easily one of the most reliable and professional persons that I have ever had the pleasure of working with...anywhere.

From one 'Working Class Dog' to another, my hat is off to Rob's way of doing business.

One more thing: West Seattle is a great place to ride a Harley Davidson, and meet great friends.

 Thanks Rob"



Sylvester and Danita Glover

If you are looking for someone with integrity, knowledge, and great customer service, then Rob Holmstrom is your person. Not only is he a person with great karma, he makes it a point to include you into his club of high quality business associates. If Rob can't assist you, he will work hard to get the best person who can.

During the time we were purchasing our home, Rob stepped to the plate completely prepared to get the job done; willing to meet when convenient for us. Rob was referred to us by a mutual friend, after we had been looking for a realtor that could meet our needs.

Rob has a great attitude; He exceeded our expectations and made the homebuying process clear and easy.

But what impressed us more was the continued contact after closing. Rob made a point to keep us informed of our market value in our neighborhood and every year he remembers our home anniversary.

He keeps us updated with information through Club Karma, (which I look forward to every quarter). Rob has become a friend and someone we trust."



Tina Wice

"Rob is amazing. I know he has more than one client at a time, however, I always felt like I was his only client. He is honest, knowledgeable, personable, and most important FUN!

Selling / buying a home can be very stressful, yet with Rob's enthusiasm and expertise I was stress free.

Rob, thanks for being the best!"



Toshi Esumi

"Rob is not just an agent from John L. Scott who found my first house...he is also the the guy who let me draw his dog, Bailey, for FREE!

The best feature of my new house is the unfinished basement. It wasn't on my 'had to have' list when I asked him to look for homes, but now I couldn't afford to lose it. (It's my studio for painting and drawing).

Also, I was able to keep the previous owner's Koi fish in the pond in my back yard. They're lovely!

How could he find this special house? It's still a mystery. I hope he finally decides to put my drawing of 'Bailey' on this site!"

Click here to view Toshi's Artwork



 Dennis Beals and Karoline Morrison


"We first met Rob in 1989 when we hired him to paint our house in Blue Ridge. Over the years he painted many properties for us and became a trusted friend of the family. He used to play "Tiddly Winks" with our 3 year old (now in college) daughter on his lunch breaks as well as share his food with our dog Izzy and cat Ziggy...not too many painters would do that.

We remember one day he was painting outside when a crow stole his rice krispy snack. Rob hollered at the crow and actually got the treat back. We laugh to this day that even back then he had the drive and perseverance to be successful.

Two and a half years ago, "Realtor Rob" sold my parents Greenlake home for us. An emotionally hard thing to do sometimes, but Rob made it easy and we were very satisfied with the price and the experience.

Later that year, he helped us find a nice investment condominium with some of the proceeds. Recently he sold it for us at a substantial profit...What a guy!

We wouldn't buy or sell real estate without Rob in our corner making it easy, fun, and profitable.